Russell Brown is one of the nation’s leading labor experts where he has worked with companies in maintaining a union free workplace and in Washington DC on labor policy issues. Brown’s experience includes National Labor Relations Act cases, Railway Labor Act cases, and Canadian Industrial Relations Board cases. Brown began his professional life at Delta Air Lines where he worked multiple positions. Leaving Delta on an early retirement, Brown became the head of the family business a transportation company that provided service to America’s railroads. Brown led his company into an acquisition and continued to lead the transition for more than 1,200 employees throughout the western United States.

He is also an Adjunct Fellow for the Competitive Enterprise Institute one of the nation’s leading free-market think tanks. Brown has published several articles and studies on labor policy; his publications have appeared in Forbes, American Spectator, and several other periodicals. Brown has testified before the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor on regulations that threaten the stability of American Businesses.


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