Over 20 years of experience with organized labor. Rebeca conducts training seminars for management and her clients include many in the Fortune 500. Author of “Union Hypocrisy”, former Contributor to the Brenner Brief, and has been a subject expert guest on radio programs across the U.S. She has been involved in many union campaigns and assisted in negotiations, which has resulted in success for the companies she was working with. As well as managing campaigns, Rebecca has developed custom training programs for her clients for management and trade training. In addition to working with companies, Rebecca has worked with state elected officials in developing trade training at a state level. Rebecca previously worked for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters as the Executive Director of Training for Southern Nevada. She developed trade training programs including registered apprenticeship programs. Her training material has been registered with the FOC and Nevada Secondary Education System. She was a member of the Teamsters for 16 years where she trained organizers in conducting effective campaigns. She has negotiated labor contracts, was the Secretary-Treasurer for the Western Apprenticeship Conference Association, handled arbitration, grievances, OSHA training, HAZWOPER, and steward training. She was the Chairperson of the Nye County Transportation Board (2003), Nye Couty Federal Impacts Advisory Board (2003), sat on the Yucca Mountain Advisory Board (2002). She was trained in Radiation Worker II by Bechtel and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories as well as Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.


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