SWADE Dispensary 

 Case Number: 14-RC-318764 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 11   Location: Saint Louis, MO Region Assigned: Region 14, Saint Louis, Missouri  Unit Sought: Included: Product Specialist; Excluded: General manager, Assistant manager, security, professional employees/office staff United Food and Commercial Workers Local 655  

Barker Ave Estates LLC; Allerton Ave Estates LLC 

 Case Number: 02-RD-318720 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 2   Location: Bronx, NY Region Assigned: Region 02, New York, New York  Unit Sought: Included: full-time and regular part-time building service employees working at 665 and 690 Allerton Ave, Bronx  Excluded: office clerical employees, guards and supervisory employees Local 298 Eastern States Joint Brd. Int. Union of Allied Novelty and Product Workers   

Altice USA 

 Case Number: 22-RD-318784 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 43   Location: Newark, NJ Region Assigned: Region 22, Newark, New Jersey  Unit Sought: Included: 23 Excluded: 20 Local 827 International brotherhood of Electrical Workers   

California Academy of Sciences 

 Case Number: 20-RC-318803 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 368   Location: San Francisco, CA Region Assigned: Region 20, San Francisco, California  Unit Sought: Included:  All full-time, part-time, as-needed, on-call, temporary, fixed term,  and grant funded non-supervisory 368 employees in the front and back of house. Excluded: All others including  interns, guards, confidential employees, and supervisors as defined by  the Act. Service Employees International Union, Local 1021   

Performance Food Group, Inc. 

 Case Number: 32-RC-318789 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 50   Location: Livermore, CA Region Assigned: Region 32, Oakland, California  Unit Sought: Included:  All full time and regular part time drivers and hostlers based out of  the Employer’s Livermore location and satellite yards in Fresno, Ceres,  and Sacramento, California.  Excluded: All other employees. Teamsters Local 853   

Range Generation Next, LLC 

 Case Number: 31-RC-318791 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 7   Location: Vandenberg AFB, CA Region Assigned: Region 31, Los Angeles, California  Unit Sought: The Union is seeking an Armour-Globe election and wishes to add all full-time and regular part-time System Administrators in the Infrastructure Group employed by the Employer at its facility located at 105 13th Street, VSFB, CA to the existing unit. The job classifications which are currently represented by the Union and covered by a collective bargaining agreement for the period of September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2025 are as follows: Junior Technicians, Junior Computer Operators, Junior Optical Technicians, Electronic Assemblers, Senior Logistics Technicians, Data Entry Clerks, Machine Operators, Sheetmetal Helpers, Logistics Specialist, Reprographics Operators, Comm. Computer Operators, Senior Data Entry Clerks, Frequency Controllers, Senior Logistics Specialists, Station Logistics Specialists, Resource Control Schedulers, Computer Operators, Technicians, Maintenance Mechanics, Optical Technicians, Machine Setup Operators, Junior Welders, Administrative Logistics Specialists, Senior Computer Operators, Mechanic/Electricians, Senior Frequency Controllers, Senior Technicians, Computer Operator Specialists, Optical Senior Technicians, Crane Operators, Control Monitors, Sheetmetal Workers, Resource Control Specialists, Senior Mechanic/Electricians, Welders, Technical Specialists, Optical Technical Specialists, Senior Operations Controllers, Senior Comm. Controllers, Air Controllers, Senior Crane Operators, RF Specialists, Machinists, Senior Welders, Certified Air Controllers, Senior Depot Specialists, Senior Depot Specialists – Optics, Certified CT Controllers, Certified Radar Technicians – ARSR, Certified Instrumentation Controllers, Certified RF Specialists; but EXCLUDING technician writers, administrative assistants, engineering aides, draftsmen A, B, and C, Illustrators, guards, professional employees, group leaders, foremen, office clerical employees, and supervisors, as defined by the Act.  General Teamsters, Airline, Aerospace and Allied Employees, Warehousemen, Drivers, Construction, Rock and Sand, Local 986  


 Case Number: 13-RC-318798 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 8   Location: Burbank, IL Region Assigned: Region 13, Chicago, Illinois  Unit Sought: Included: All budtenders  Excluded: All managers, Agents in charge, guards, and supervisors. United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 881   

Vail Resorts Inc 

 Case Number: 27-RC-318772 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 10   Location: Mount Crested Butte, CO Region Assigned: Region 27, Denver, Colorado  Unit Sought: Included:  All Lift Maintenance Personnel, including Electricians and Assistants.  Excluded: All supervisory, managerial, confidential, and guard fees  under the Act. Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO   

Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Inc. 

 Case Number: 29-RC-318797 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 32   Location: Brooklyn, NY Region Assigned: Region 29, Brooklyn, New York  Unit Sought: Included:  All non-supervisory employees as defined by the Act employed at the  retail store at 267 Seventh Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215 Excluded: Guards,  Supervisors, Clerical Employees, and Managers as defined by the Act Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union   

Keenan Sewer & Water 

 Case Number: 13-RC-318782 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 6   Location: Chicago, IL Region Assigned: Region 13, Chicago, Illinois  Unit Sought: Included: All full and regular part-time heavy equipment operators.  Excluded: Laborers, drivers, supervisors, guards and clerical as defined by the Act.  International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, AFL-CIO  

Fluor Marine Propulsion, LLC 

 Case Number: 06-RC-318773 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 8   Location: West Mifflin, PA Region Assigned: Region 06, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  Unit Sought: Currently  included (06-RC-2312): All employees of the Operations and Maintenance  Department [formerly the Works Engineering Department] at the Employer’s  Bettis site.  Proposed to be added to the unit via Armour-Globe election: All  employees of the Shipping and Receiving Department at the Employer’s Bettis site.  Excluded: All other employees, office clerical and technical employees,  professional employees, guards, and supervisors as defined in the Act, as amended. United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy,  Allied-Industrial and Service Workers International Union AFL-CIO/CLC   

Green Revolution 

 Case Number: 19-RC-318788 Date Filed: 05/25/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 40   Location: Poulsbo, WA Region Assigned: Region 19, Seattle, Washington  Unit Sought: Included:    All Beverage, Beverage leads, Joysticks, Drivers, Fulfillment,  Fulfillment Leads, Distribution, Routing leads, Kitchen, Kitchen Leads,  Packaging, Packaging Lead, Quality.  Excluded:   All other employees, managers, supervisors and guards as defined by the  Act. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 3000  

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