Ascension Seton d/b/a Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin 

 Case Number: 16-RC-298670 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 600   Location: Austin, TX Region Assigned: Region 16, Fort Worth, Texas  Unit Sought: INCLUDED:   All full-time, regular part-time, and per diem Registered Nurses,  including those who serve as relief charge nurses and full-time charge  nurses, employed by the Employer at its 1201 W. 38th Street, Austin, TX  78705 facility.  EXCLUDED:  All other employees, including RNs employed by registries or  other agencies providing outside labor to the Employer, office clerical  employees, employees who are employed by/work in the Ascension Seton  Premiere Staffing Float Pool, nurse administrators, managerial  employees, confidential employees, guards, and supervisors within the  meaning of the Act. NATIONAL NURSES ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (NNOC) – TEXAS/NNU 

Excalibur Security Associates 

 Case Number: 27-RC-298711 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 21   Location: Boulder, CO Region Assigned: Region 27, Denver, Colorado  Unit Sought: Include:  All full-time and part-time Armed Contract Security Officers (ACSO),  Sergeants, Dispatchers and Shift Supervisors/Dispatch Supervisor  preforming guard duties as defined in Section 9(b)(3) of the National  Labor Relations Act, employed by Excalibur at 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO  80305. Exclude: All office clerical employees, managerial employees,  Project Manager (PM) as defined by the Act. International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA)


 Case Number: 05-RC-298688 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 14   Location: Yorktown, VA Region Assigned: Region 05, Baltimore, Maryland  Unit Sought: Included:  All armed and unarmed officers and Sergeants.   Excluded:  All office personnel, managers, and nonemployees.  Governed United Security Professionals (GUSP)

Hillsboro Medical Center Anti-Coagulation Clinic 

 Case Number: 19-RC-298715 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 6   Location: Hillsboro, OR Region Assigned: Region 19, Seattle, Washington  Unit Sought: Included:  All Full Time, Part Time, and On Call Pharmacists and Medication Clinic  Support Techs. Excluded: All doctors, registered nurses, and managers. Oregon AFSCME Council 75, Local 328-0001

Fire Service, Inc. 

 Case Number: 13-RC-298692 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 7   Location: Naperville, IL Region Assigned: Region 13, Chicago, Illinois  Unit Sought: Included:  All full-time and regular part-time Service Technicians who are  employed by the employer whose facility is located at 1805High Grove  Lane, Naperville, IL 60540.  Excluded: All other employees including office clerical employees,  professional employees, managerial employees, guards and supervisors, as  defined by the Act, as amended.  International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO  

Starbucks Corporation 

 Case Number: 03-RC-298672 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 40   Location: Clifton Park, NY Region Assigned: Region 03, Buffalo, New York  Unit Sought: Inluded:  All full-time and regular part-time Baristas, Shift Supervisors, Asst. SMs  Excluded:  Store Managers; office clericals, guards, and supervisors as defined by Act.  Workers United 

ABC News 

 Case Number: 02-RD-298661 Date Filed: 07/05/2022 Status: Open No Employees: 5   Location: New York, NY Region Assigned: Region 02, New York, New York  Unit Sought: Included: publicists  Excluded: supervisors  NABET CWA Local 16

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