Union Shop

RWP Labor consultants have 30+ years of experience from within unionized organizations.

  • Collective Bargaining Contract Negotiations

    Pulling in house employees off daily tasks to enter into contract negotiations can be detrimental to productivity and have serious financial and opportunity cost ramifications. RWP Labor consultants will apply its vast experience to negotiate on behalf of the company and it employees.

  • Audit Existing Contracts

    RWP Labor will closely examine any existing labor agreement to make sure the issues that have been fought so hard to resolve for were actually corrected.

  • Operational Review/ Contract Adherence

    Our team at RWP Labor will meet with all levels of management to ensure that that your current union contract is being followed in the manner that achieves maximum productivity for the company.

  • Training Towards Contract Maximization

    After reaching an agreement with the union, RWP will work closely with your management team coaching them on the terms of the new contract and adhering to the contract within their respective departments.