RWP Labor Campaign Consulting

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At this time Unions are winning more than 70% of all representational elections. With the National Labor Relations Board’s new compressed election periods (aka, Ambush Elections) that percentage is rising quickly. Most companies find themselves ill-equipped to handle a union campaign, RWP Labor’s consulting group has a 90% plus win rate to guide any organization to success. RWP Labor has extensive bi-lingual experience in the following areas:

  • National Labor Relations Act

  • Railway Labor Act

  • Government Sector

  • Representational Campaign

  • Decertification Campaign

  • Pre-Petition Inoculation

“I am the Plant Manager of an assembly plant facing being unionized by the UAW. The RWP Labor team helped us through that stressful time by walking us through the educational process. We won the election and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

John S. Allentown